Reader's Story: The Forest

Chutki Stories Aug 9, 2021

This week, I will publish readers' replies to the story. I am posting these in the order I received them in. So if you want your story to be published, you still have time to share! Email us your version to

I will continue my story next week but we can build this story together as we go along...

Continuation of "The Forest" by Pooja Sri, Class 4, Chennai.

The children don't know the sort of powers.

Suddenly, there came a sound. (Beep-Beep-Beep)

Chutki and Ishika were scared. "Somebody had got some power seeing the Murti, I think so. I think the power will be sounding beep-beep-beep", said Ishika. Taking his mobile from his pocket, Ramesh said, "Don't be afraid girls, this is my mobile's ringtone".

"Is this a ringtone?", thought Chutki and Ishika.

On the other end Ramesh's grandma was in the call. Grandma was calling them to eat. Ramesh said, "I will come in 2 minutes".

Grandma asked, "Where are you now?"

Ramesh replied. "I am in the forest".

Grandma said, "Come soon".

Ramesh said, "Bye Grandma! I will come soon".

Pintu and Bruno were jumping on Nandu. The children started laughing. By talking about their pets Ramesh forgot about grandma and his food. After half an hour Ramesh remembered his Grandma. He ran till the middle of the forest. Chutki, Ishika and their pets were following Ramesh. In the middle of the forest there was Grandma with an angry face. "Gumma why did you you come here? I thought to come now", Ramesh said. ("gumma" is how is pronounced grandma with fear)

"Nothing to say, Ramesh. Come and sit on this rock and eat the food", said Grandma with an angry voice. Ramesh ate the food quietly. Grandma cooled down.

Suddenly, Grandma asked, "How did you all get this locket" in a shocked voice.

The children replied, "We don't know!"

"This is the lost murti's locket", Grandma replied.

The children looked at each other with an open mouth. "Really?", asked the children.

"Do you think I'm telling a lie?" Grandma asked.

The children looked at Grandma with a shy face.

"Talking wastes time, so we need to leave for our houses before it gets dark", said Grandma. Bruno climbed on Ishika and Pintu climbed on Chutki's shoulders. Nandu was walking behind Ramesh.

Next morning, Chutki asked her father to take her to school. "No da, no school during Corona", said Chutki's father. Chutki cried and pleaded with her father.

"Don't make me scold you", said Chutki's father.

Chutki's mother came out of the kitchen with a big spoon. Mother said the children are missing school for more than one year. So Father should take Chutki to the school only for seeing it. "Chutki, you should not go and play there. It's just for seeing", said Chutki's mother. "Ok mum, I will not go and play there. I'm going to go to schoool after a long time", said Chutki.

Chutki and her father went on a bike. After reaching school Chutki said, "How many months and weeks for corona to go. I wish to come here everyday like normal days"

The next second, her locket fell down from her neck. (Locket's dollar was a pink heart). The pink heart fell down from the locket. The heart vanished. Lord Vishnu came in front of Chutki and her father. Vishnu blessed them and said, "Let your wish be fulfilled. Tomorrow onwards school will be open. You and your friends will go there everyday".

"Thanks a lot Lord", Chutki said. Vishnu gave another locket to Chutki.

This is a section of Pooja Sri's original hand-written story. Such lovely handwriting!

Isn't this a sweet story? I am waiting to read what happens next! I know all of you are missing school very much. All parents are so proud of how well children have adjusted to online school. We know it's not easy. Thank you for being such champs!

I'll see you again tomorrow with another reader story. Please keep writing! That's how I know someone is reading...


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