Reader's Story: The Forest

Chutki, Ishika and Ramesh have been wondering about the mysterious lockets. Here's a reader's version of what happens next...

Reader's Story: The Forest

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I will continue my story next week but we can build this story together as we go along...

Continuation of "The Forest" by Saindhavi, Class 4, Chennai.

The three children held their lockets and thought silently. Suddenly Chutki said, "Why don't we ask our parents and grandparents about it?"

Ishika and Ramesh shouted at Chuki angrily, "If we say this to our parents and grandparents, they will not believe us, else they would get angry and shout at us for going into the thick forest alone."

Chutki was very sorry to say it. She said, "I am very sorry to say a bad idea like that."

The rest of them were very sorry to Chutki for scolding her, and they all smiled back at Chutki. Now the children went back again into silence and started to think deeply about what powers they would get with the locket, including their pets.

Suddenly the silence was broken by Ishika. She said, "Why don't you, Ramesh, ask your daadi what magical powers the people get after they have seen Murti?"

Ramesh replied, yes, it is a good idea, but I cannot ask her now because she would only tell me stories at bedtime. I will ask her what magical powers do people get who have seen Murti."

The rest replied, "Ok, tomorrow you ask your daadi. We will all gather here tomorrow morning." Each goodbye goodbye and went to their houses. The next morning, the children gathered under the Pipal tree. Ishika and Chutki were very excited to know what magical powers they were going to have!! They both asked in a chorus, "Did you ask your daadi? What did she say ??"

Ramesh replied, "She said that they would have a locket around their neck after they see Murti." Before Ramesh could finish, Chutki and Ishika giggled and said, "That means we are going to have magical powers, hay!"

Ramesh replied in a little tensioned voice, "If you are going to interrupt in between, I am not going to say what magical powers they are. After hearing this, Chutki and Ishika got a little worried and replied in a chorus, "Sorry, Ramesh we will not interrupt you anymore. Please tell us. What are the magical powers?"

Ramesh smiled backed at Chutki and Ishika. He started, "The people who have seen Murti will get a power. They can ask one wish to God and He will grant them. But there is one limitation. Only if three times a wish is same, the wish will be granted by him. Now you can speak.", finished Ramesh.

Chutki said, "I think we can sit under the tree and think what we are going to ask Lord Murthi".

Ishika and Ramesh were comfortable with Chutki's idea. So, they all sat under the Pipal tree and started to think in silence. Suddenly the silence was disturbed by Ishika; she said "Why cannot we ask God Murthi to make the world Corona free? The wish will be granted if we all ask the same wish!" Ramesh and Chutki were okay with Ishika's idea, and soon the world was free from Corona!!!

Even I think the world will be free from Corona soon. Please follow the SMS rule till that SMS: S - Sanitizing, M – Mask, S – Social distancing

Isn't this a beautiful story? I loved it so much! While we should certainly pray for the pandemic to be over, let's make sure that we follow Saindhavi's advice and continue to be cautious.

I'll see you again tomorrow with another reader story. Please keep writing! That's how I know someone is reading...