Science: Buildings Going Green

Facts Apr 25, 2021

Here are some common ways buildings are going green across the world:

  1. Recycled materials make their way into buildings in many forms. Not just metal, recycled plastic bottles can be made into benches, railings and even art.
  2. Buildings with solar panels on their rooftops generate their own electricity. Other sources of green energy can also be used.
  3. Once a building is constructed, its energy consumption can be reduced by planting trees around, letting in natural light and making good use of sunlight to heat the building. Indian Inventor, Sonam Wangchuk, built a solar heated tent for the Indian army. Energy consumption can be reduced even more by using efficient bulbs and fixtures.
  4. Another great way to cool buildings and combat climate change is rooftop gardens. They look great too!
  5. Finally, a good building does its best to reduce waste. Rainwater is harvested, waste is segregated and food waste is composted to feed plants.

Once you read this article, try the crossword. You might also like the article on Indian Architecture.


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