Facts: Companion Animals

Facts May 2, 2021
  1. Dogs can be trained to assist those with disabilities. They can help provide balance when standing or walking. They can fetch objects and even open doors!
  2. Cats are great companions too. Many special-needs children benefit from having a companion animal. Petting any animal is proven to reduce stress. Cats can be great companions as they’re smaller than many dogs and quieter.
  3. Horses can be very helpful for those with disabilities. Many institutions offer horse riding lessons to help with mobility and motor skills.
  4. Aquariums can help people relax, too. Due to the low-contact between humans and the fish, an aquarium is a good choice for those who want minimal contact.
  5. Birds can also be great friends. But try a bird feeder in a balcony rather than caging them.

Always remember that animals need their space. Fish tanks should be spacious. Dogs and cats should be chosen based on available space to run and play.


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