Creative Corner

Creative Corner Jun 9, 2021

First up, Shrikar. He's sent us a great word puzzle and a wonderful drawing. Great going, Shrikar! You're absolutely right. India has so many superheroes right how.

Let's find out a little more about him:

Hi, my name is Shrikar. I am 9 years hobbies are painting, making crafts and reading books. My favourite book series are Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates. I am a huge fan of marvel.

Next up we have Adithyavel's craft work. Take a look!

Now for some terrific art by Nakshatra...

Hi Purplebean, I am Nakshatra of class 4 from Chennai. I love to draw, do craft works, write stories. I am learning dance. Now I have a platform to showcase my drawings in your "creative corner".Thank you 🙂

And a drawing from Diyaa too

This is Diyaa of class 1 from Bangalore. My hobbies are drawing, colouring and reading stories. I am learning Badminton. I like the Mango tree story.

Finally, another submission from Prathika. Lots of sunrises this week!

This brings us to the end of this week's Creative Corner. Please do keep sharing your work. We love seeing your creativity! As always, email us at hello @


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